Contract Marriage 2: A Must-Read Novel by Ashley Queen

Ashley Queen`s Contract Marriage 2 is the sequel to her popular romance novel, Contract Marriage. The novel follows the story of the beautiful and charismatic protagonist, Mia, who finds herself in a difficult situation.

Mia`s father has deceived her and left her with nothing after his death. With no money or prospects, Mia is forced to find a way to survive on her own. She meets a wealthy businessman, Alex, who proposes a contract marriage to her. Despite the initial shock of the proposal, Mia decides to accept Alex`s offer.

The novel follows Mia and Alex as they navigate their way through a sham marriage. They realize that their feelings for each other are not just for show and that they are genuinely falling in love. However, their relationship is not without its challenges, as Mia struggles to come to terms with Alex`s past and his commitment to his work.

Ashley Queen`s writing style is engaging, captivating, and easy to read. The story is told from the first-person perspective, allowing readers to connect with Mia on a personal level. The character development is well-done, and readers will find themselves rooting for Mia and Alex to overcome their obstacles and live happily ever after.

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In conclusion, Contract Marriage 2 is a must-read novel for romance fans. Ashley Queen`s engaging writing style, relatable characters, and well-crafted plot make for an enjoyable reading experience. The novel`s incorporation of SEO strategies also makes it easier for readers to discover and enjoy. Pick up a copy today and fall in love with Mia and Alex`s story.